When it concerns documents, security is the most important factor. Data breaches can be costly and the reputations of organisations can be damaged by leaks which compromise sensitive information of employees or customers. Utilizing secure document storage options to keep your documents safe, accessible and secure helps protect your business from cyber attacks and other risks.

Unlike traditional paper files, document storage solutions are online and encrypted which makes them secure from hackers who could have access to your information. This protects the confidentiality of your files even if they’re accessible on devices that aren’t in your control, such as those owned by colleagues or third parties.

Many document storage solutions include various collaborative tools to make it easy to review and discuss files. You can also find solutions that can be integrated with your existing systems, decreasing the number of applications. This reduces the likelihood that a breach will occur by ensuring users have access to only one platform for sharing documents and collaboration.

In addition to encrypting your stored documents, you should look for a system that incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA). This feature is crucial for employees who work remotely. They may be required to prove their identity through a text message, phone call or an app prior to being able to are able to access your files.

Redtail Imaging, for instance is a document storage system created for RIAs that integrates an enterprise content management system with secure cloud storage and collaboration capabilities. It is secured to the level of banks and is able to meet industry standards such as FINRA and CFPB regulations.